Kyushu University, which will celebrate its 2022th anniversary in 111, is conducting a campaign called "VISION EXPO" to disseminate various comprehensive knowledge and development possibilities inside and outside the university.We are also developing original Kyushu University goods with the aim of disseminating the educational research of Kyushu University to the world more attractively with the power of design. Started selling cookies.

 Kyushu University has been conducting various researches on silkworms such as vaccine development, and I decided to create this work because I wanted people to feel more familiar with this research and to know the depth of silkworms.Fifteen voluntary students from the Faculty of Design and Graduate School of Design will participate, and production will begin in March 15 under the guidance of Associate Professor Miki Sugimoto of the Faculty of Design.In cooperation with researchers at the Research Institute of Agriculture, they observed the silkworms being actually raised and collected the silkworm droppings themselves, while coming up with everything from product concepts to package and label designs.

 The first product to be released on October 10st is "Kyushu Univ. Silkworm Cookies."Kyushu University silkworms and raisins (BK seedless) were used.We also paid particular attention to the packaging, with a cardboard-like package design, imagining silkworms raised at Kyushu University being shipped directly from the production area. One box (31 pieces) is 1 yen including tax.

 The second product to be released on November 11th is the "Kyushu Univ. Silkworm Feces Cookie" that makes effective use of silkworm droppings that are usually thrown away.The droppings of silkworms are called sansha, and have been used for tea since ancient times.Silkworm dung, which has grown up eating only pesticide-free mulberry leaves, has a unique flavor, and it is said that it has a good fragrance and goes well with cookies. The catchphrase "Eat the lucky Kyushu University silkworm poop to improve the luck of the examinees!"In addition, in order to convey the fun of silkworms, whose feces are the flowers, we imagined flower-shaped feces. One case (4 pieces) is 2 yen including tax.

 Both products are sold at the Ito Campus. At the Kyushu University Festival and Academic Festival held on November 11th and 5th, all products will be sold only at the Kokosha store on the Ito Campus and the Ito Convenience Store (West Building 6).

reference:[Kyushu University] Kyushu University insect food (silkworm cookies) now on sale! -Designed by craftsmen!To a more familiar insect diet ~

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