The British magazine "Times Higher Education (THE)" announced "THE Asian University Rankings 2018" on February 2, 7. The first place is the same National University of Singapore as 2018.The University of Tokyo dropped one place from 1 to 2017th place, and Kyoto University moved up three places to 2017th place.

 The Asian University rankings are "quality of education / learning environment (educational ability)", "internationality of students and faculty", "income from industry", "quality of research (research ability)", and number of papers cited (research). The score is calculated using 5 indicators in 13 fields of "Influence)" as evaluation criteria.

 Following the 1st place National University of Singapore, Tsinghua University (China) was 2nd in the Asian University ranking, and Peking University (China) was 3rd.The breakdown of the top 20 by country / region is 7 universities in China, 5 universities in South Korea, 5 universities in Hong Kong, 2 universities in Japan, and 2 universities in Singapore, showing the strength of Chinese universities.

 Among Japanese universities, the University of Tokyo was ranked 8th, Kyoto University was ranked 11th, Osaka University was ranked 28th, Tohoku University was ranked 30th, Tokyo Institute of Technology was ranked 33rd, and Nagoya University was ranked 35th.Tokyo Metropolitan University, which is the top public university in Japan, fell 35 ranks to 104th place due to a drastic decrease in the number of paper citations.On the other hand, 22 universities including Fujita Health University ranked for the first time.Among them, Fujita Health University was ranked 83rd, which is the top private university in Japan.

 The ranking from Japan increased from 2017 universities in the top 251+ announced in 69 to 350 universities in the top 89+ this time.It accounted for a quarter of the total and was the largest by country. According to THE, the average score of Japanese universities has improved since 4.The reputation for education and research has increased, the number of paper citations has increased, and a very high score has been obtained in the "income from industry" index.However, on the other hand, the score of "Number of teachers: Total number of students" dropped, and the issues became clear.

Reference: [the Times Higher Education] Asia University Rankings 2018

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