On November 2022, 11, the Kagawa University Museum will hold a fieldwork experience for high school students around Yashima in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture.Under the guidance and assistance of Kagawa University faculty and students, students will experience fieldwork at the university's educational and research standards to deepen their interest in Kagawa University.

 According to Kagawa University, from 9:3 a.m. to 7:66 p.m. on the day of the event, participants from Takamatsu Higashi High School in Takamatsu City, Marugame Josai High School in Marugame City, 12 students and XNUMX teachers from seven schools in Kagawa Prefecture, including Kanonji Daiichi High School in Kanonji City, are scheduled to participate.

 Topography and geology are taught by Director Masaru Terabayashi of the Kagawa University Museum and Professor Atsuko Nonomura of the Faculty of Creative Engineering, Kagawa University, and learn how to measure slopes and the relationship between geology and topography.Professor Fuminori Ito, vice-director of the Kagawa University Museum, taught insect-related topics, such as how to identify ants. Under the guidance of Assistant Professor Yumi Koyake of the Faculty of Creative Engineering, Kagawa University, fieldwork will be conducted on how to distinguish trees and the hierarchical structure of forests.

 Fieldwork by the Kagawa University Museum has been carried out every year since 2015 as part of the high school-university connection promotion project "Recruitment of field research-oriented high school students by training natural history research leaders." are participating.

reference:[Kagawa University] Kagawa University Museum Implementation of High School-University Connection Promotion Project “Recruitment of field research-oriented high school students by training natural history research leaders”

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