Kobe University will set up the SME M&A Research and Education Center in the Graduate School of Business Administration, the first base in Japan to study mergers and acquisitions of SMEs.Concluded an industry-academia collaboration agreement with Nihon M&A Center Holdings to support the business continuity of small and medium-sized enterprises suffering from a lack of successors by utilizing research results in practice.

 According to Kobe University, the SME M&A Research and Education Center will receive research grants from Nihon M&A Center Holdings to train young researchers.We plan to conduct 1 to 100 projects a year, with research expenses of 5 million yen per project.

 Approximately 7,000 company data owned by Nihon M&A Center Holdings will be provided and company introductions will be provided to create a synergistic effect between research and practical work, and an internship program for graduate students and young researchers will be introduced.

 SMEs account for 99% of all companies in Japan and have supported the Japanese economy for a long time. It has been pointed out that there isAmong them, there are companies with high technical capabilities and traditional techniques, and the promotion of business succession has emerged as an important policy of the government.M&A is thought to be a way to solve this problem, and although the number of M&As has increased in recent years, it has not received much attention as a research subject.

reference:[Kobe University] Kobe University establishes Japan's first small and medium-sized enterprise M&A research and education base Collaborates with Nihon M&A Center Holdings to train young researchers

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