At Edogawa University, Hideki Sato, a lecturer in the Department of Contemporary Sociology, Faculty of Sociology (specialty: environmental policy, eco-friendly society), won the grand prize in the eco-people category at the "Eco Test Award 2022" sponsored by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

 The Eco Test aims to enable people to correctly acquire a wide range of knowledge about the environment with the aim of promoting a sustainable society that balances the environment and the economy. It has broken through (as of November 55).

 The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which hosts the event, calls those who have passed the Eco Test "eco-people" and provides support to translate the awareness of the problems that arise from obtaining the test into actual action. We are disseminating various information to promote a "sustainable society that balances the environment and the economy."Every year, we hold the "Eco Test Award", a project that honors the achievements of people and organizations that have practiced environmental activities that are even more model, and in fiscal 2022, four organizations and three eco-people were commended. .

 The award-winning lecturer Sato promoted environmental education by conducting lectures on environmental conservation and the SDGs, incorporating some of the eco-certified textbooks, for a total of 4 people from four higher education institutions, including universities, colleges and vocational schools. In addition, as an SDGs promotion member of a civil society, he has focused on building partnerships with various stakeholders that are important for promoting local SDGs.

 In addition, as an environmental NGO expert, he was highly evaluated for his work on a livelihood improvement project through the sixth industrialization of agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishery products for small farm village producers in the Sundarban region of Bangladesh.

Reference: [Edogawa University] Lecturer Hideki Sato, Department of Contemporary Sociology, won the Grand Prize in the "Eco Test Award 2022" Eco People Division 

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