On Saturday, December 2022, 12, the Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Nippon Institute of Technology will hold a "Science School" for high school and junior high school students where they can experience experiments unique to the department related to chemistry, environment, and bio.

 The "Science School" has the following four themes, from which you can choose one and experiment.Especially for students studying chemistry and biology in high school, we provide an opportunity to confirm their interest in chemistry, environment, and bio through actual experience.

(XNUMX) "Let's extract DNA from familiar things ~ Genetic material DNA ~" In charge: Professor Ken Haga (Plant Production Engineering)
Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which is the genetic material contained in animal and plant cells and serves as a blueprint for proteins, is extracted from everyday objects and observed to see what kind of substance it is.

(XNUMX) Charge and discharge reactions of batteries: Prof. Masashi Shiraki (Solid State Electrochemistry)
Oxidation/reduction reaction inside the battery that occurs when the battery is charged/discharged.When using a dry battery or coin battery, investigate what kind of reactions occur inside the battery.

③ "Let's melt and mix metals ~ More serious than alchemy ~" In charge: Professor Yuichi Uchida (Resource Recycling Materials Engineering)
A metal material that is generally made by mixing multiple elements.Metals can also be mixed if they are melted by raising the temperature, and even liquid metals exhibit freezing point depression and supercooling similar to those seen in aqueous solutions.We will conduct an experiment to melt metal, which can not be easily experienced in everyday life.

④ "Drug delivery system -delivering drugs into cells-" charge: Professor Kenichi Sano (Biomolecular Chemistry)
A drug delivery system is a technology that delivers the required amount of medicine where it is needed, when it is needed.Using a system developed by Professor Sano and others to deliver drugs into cells, we will use a fluorescence microscope to observe how drugs actually enter cells.

 "Science School" will be held on Saturday, December 12th at the Saitama Campus. The opening and experiments will be held from 17:13 to 00:15, and those who wish can visit the laboratory from 00:15 to 00:16.Targeting high school and junior high school students, we will recruit about 00 people for each theme.There is no membership fee.Applicants can apply using the special form.The application deadline is Monday, December 5th.

Reference: [Nippon Institute of Technology] Recruiting participants for the "12th Chemistry, Environment, and Bioscience School" for junior high and high school students on Saturday, December 17

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