Showa Women's University will hold a Zoom webinar symposium on November 2023, 4 (Wednesday / holiday) from 2022:11 to 23:13 to commemorate the opening of a professional graduate school (Graduate School of Social Welfare and Management) in April 14. do.Anyone can participate for free if they apply in advance.

 Professional Graduate School "Graduate School of Social Welfare and Management" is co-educational.In Japan, where the declining birthrate and aging population are accelerating, we train highly specialized professionals who can demonstrate leadership in the fields of health, medical care, and welfare and build a new "welfare co-creative society" with various stakeholders.

 At the commemorative symposium, under the theme of "From competition to co-creation, aiming society and human resource development-Tackling social issues through re-learning and reskilling-" Experts from various fields talk about the importance of a place that createsIn addition, lectures by students and graduates of the Welfare Co-Creation Management Course, majoring in social welfare research, which was established in the master's program in 2021 as a one-year program for working adults, are also scheduled.

 The main programs are as follows.Registration is required by November 11st.
〇Keynote Speech "From Competition to Co-creation: Changing Management Philosophy and Human Resource Development"
Mr. Michitaka Sawada, Chairman of the Board, Kao Corporation

〇 Lecture 1 "Social Innovation Created by Co-creation: Efforts to Address Social Issues"
Mr. Mitsumasa Aoyagi, Executive Director, Social Change Promotion Foundation, Lecturer at Showa Women's University Graduate School

〇 Lecture 2 ~ Social implementation of co-creation ~
“Management Transformed by Professionals”
Ms. Eriko Kato (Department of Nursing, Keio University Hospital)
“Competition” among companies to win by “co-creation”: Organizational reform brought about by servant leadership and psychological safety”
Mr. Yuzo Tanaka (Delta Air Lines Asia-Pacific Regional Airport Headquarters Headquarters)

 In addition, following the symposium, the 11th Academic Conference "Practices of Crossing Borders -Practices and Considerations in Collaboration with Stakeholders-" will be held on November 23rd (Wednesday/holiday) from 14:30 to 16:30. .Based on practical reports on public-private collaboration, team formation and collaboration outside the organization, we will discuss the "practice of collaborating with stakeholders and transcending borders" necessary to incorporate regional networks and mechanisms for coexistence, coexistence, and co-creation into society. ” while discussing.

 The contents of the lectures and discussions are as follows.Only the conference will be held both at Showa Women's University and online.Pre-registration is required for this participation.Please note that the application deadline is November 11 (Sun), which is different from the symposium.
〇 “Exploring hints to “cooperate” with teams outside the organization” Mr. Naoki Kanno, Fukushima Red Cross Hospital
〇Practice of Public-Private Partnership - From the New Law for Difficult Women and the Experience of Rikuzentakata City - Mr. Harumi Saito, Former Director of Welfare Department and Welfare Office of Rikuzentakata City
〇 "Approach to stakeholders in medical observation method" Mr. Kazuhiro Abe, Tokyo Metropolitan Matsuzawa Hospital
〇 “Collaborative Practice in Elderly Abuse – Aiming for Collaboration Overcoming Conflicts Among Supporters” Mr. Hiroaki Kawasaki Kawasaki Social Welfare Office

reference:[Showa Women's University] Showa Women's University Professional Graduate School Opening Commemorative Symposium Held on 11/23 From competition to co-creation, aiming society and human resource development-Efforts to address social issues through re-learning and re-skilling-

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