On Friday, October 2022, 10, Jissen Women's University will hold the first workshop of "Let's exchange holiday cards with friends from around the world!—Holiday Card Exchange Project 28" at the after-school club of Tokiwamatsu Elementary School, which is close to the campus. did.

 This workshop is promoted by the NPO Global Project Promotion Organization with the aim of allowing children around the world to learn about each other's cultures through the exchange of holiday cards, and to learn about the international perspective and the diversity of people around the world.2016 marks the 7th year for the event to be held at Jissen Women's University. Until 2019, children and parents were invited to the Shibuya campus, but due to the corona crisis, they were forced to change to online.

 This time, the meeting was held face-to-face for the first time in three years, and 3 students (13 junior college students, 7 university students) of the junior college department "Open Lecture 6" were held at the after-school club of Tokiwamatsu Elementary School, with which they have continued to interact. ) participated.Working as part of the educational project "Efforts to cultivate global PBL facilitators", planning and managing a total of three workshops and serving as the facilitator on the day.

 The partner schools that exchange holiday cards this time are schools in Slovenia, Taiwan and Belarus.For the first event, students made colorful prints and flips and repeated rehearsals, and on the day of the event, there was a quiz competition on the geography, culture, language, etc. of the partner school's country/region, hand games, and an introduction to Japanese culture. gone.

 The second time will be on November 2th (Friday), where we will actually make cards for our overseas friends.On January 11, 25 (Friday), the cards sent from overseas will be translated into Japanese and presented, and an event will be held for children to become familiar with Japanese culture through a lion dance performance.

 After the first session, the students commented, "Seeing the children having fun learning about foreign countries made me feel really happy that I was able to experience the preparations and workshops." "I was very happy when everyone remembered my name and called me, and I strongly thought that I would like to interact with everyone again." In addition to being asked about their impressions, they talked about their aspirations, such as, "I want to do my best to prepare for the next holiday card, thinking about all the elementary school students."

Reference: [Jissen Women's University] Holiday Card Exchange Project 2022: A workshop was held at the after-school club of Tokiwamatsu Elementary School! 

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