DISCO Co., Ltd. conducted a survey on the job-hunting status of 2023 graduates at university employment departments and career centers nationwide. (Survey period: September 2022st to September 9th, 1, 9 valid responses).

 The employment front for 3 graduates, which has progressed in the third year of the corona misfortune.The turmoil caused by the corona crisis appears to have calmed down, as evidenced by signs of a recovery trend in companies' willingness to hire.On the other hand, there are students who are left behind because they are unable to prepare for job hunting, and universities are required to provide detailed support for each student.

 According to a survey, more than 2023% (4%) of the universities answered that the number of job offers for 3 graduates (currently fourth-year students) is "increasing" compared to the previous year, and "decreasing" (31.9%). %). Of the 3.3 graduates two years ago, 2% (2021%) said that the number of people who graduated in 6 was "decreasing" due to the impact of the corona crisis, but since then, along with the recovery of companies' willingness to hire, they feel that the situation of job offers has improved. Universities are also on the rise.

 The majority (50.2%) answered that the number of job openings was "increasing," while only a few (4.5%) answered that it was "decreasing."In the same period of the previous year, more than 3% (36.3%) responded that they were "decreasing," but this shows that the situation has changed significantly in the past year.

 When asked how they see this year's job market as a person in charge of employment and career support, about 6% (58.4% in total) view it as a "seller's market" that is advantageous to students, while "I think it is a seller's market." 6.2% of respondents answered “no”. “The number of job offers has improved compared to the same period last year. The percentage of students who have received multiple job offers has increased. The number of students who have received multiple job offers even though they are not well prepared for job hunting has increased (private universities).” During this period, we receive many requests for extensions of employment from medium-sized companies that have already completed their recruitment activities (private universities).” can be seen.

 Before the pandemic, 3% of respondents said that they were a "completely seller's market," but this time it is less than 1% (8.0%).There are also variations depending on the student's field of study and the industry in which they want to work. There were many opinions that it cannot be said to be a seller's market unconditionally, such as "It's a seller's market for students who are actively engaged in activities, but other students are out of the loop (private universities)."

Reference: [Disco Co., Ltd.] 23 graduate job hunting fronts seen from the career center-Survey on university employment and career support activities (published in November 2022) 

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