The University of Tokyo will launch a new initiative, “UTokyo Gender + Cooperative Reform #WeChange,” to develop female leaders.In addition to reforming the awareness of faculty, staff, students, and the entire university, we will also double the rate of increase in the number of female faculty members over the past 10 years, and aim to hire a total of approximately 2 people, including approximately 2027 professors and 140 associate professors, by fiscal 160. .

 According to the University of Tokyo, UTokyo Gender + Collaborative Reform #WeChange will start after being adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's 2022 Science and Technology Human Resource Development Subsidy Project Diversity Research Environment Realization Initiative (Female Leader Development Type).The period is from 2022 to 2027.

 Major initiatives include implementation of an awareness-raising program for all university members, regardless of whether they are faculty members or students, expansion of career advancement support for female researchers from graduate students to seniors, and approximately 300 professors. , the first accelerated increase in the number of female faculty members since the opening of the University of Tokyo, which is the hiring of associate professors.

 The awareness-raising program will focus on implementing targeted training, establishing gender-related classes, and strengthening the operation of on-campus nursery schools.Career advancement support is planned to include enhanced support for the submission of papers and attendance at international conferences, acquisition of skills to lead research in senior positions, and acquisition of university management skills.

 In mass hiring of female teachers, at the same time, in addition to supporting the labor costs of female professors and associate professors for a certain period of time, we will invite them with an annual salary setting that exceeds the conventional salary level.

reference:[University of Tokyo] The University of Tokyo launches “UTokyo Gender + Collaborative Reform #WeChange” Reform of consciousness of members, hiring 6 female professors and associate professors in 300 years (PDF)

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