According to Clarivate Analytics Japan Co., Ltd., the authors of highly cited papers in 2022 were selected from around the world, divided by institution, and ranked by country. I found out.China's progress is narrowing the gap between the United States and China.Japan is out of the top ten.

 The survey selected candidate authors of highly cited papers that have influenced other researchers in their respective fields over the past decade or more, and used a retraction monitoring database to screen all of the candidate's papers for intentional fraud. I checked if there was

 After excluding candidates who were found to have misbehaved, 69 researchers from 6,938 countries and regions were selected as highly cited authors.This was divided into affiliated organizations and a country-specific ranking was created.

 The United States topped the country ranking, accounting for 38.3% of the total. Although it has slightly decreased from 2018% in 43.3, it was found that it still leads the world research. China is in second place.It accounts for 2% of the total. It has continued to make great strides, more than doubling its market share in five years. The third place is the UK with 16.2%.Although the population is only one-fifth that of the United States and one-twentieth that of China, it was confirmed that the world's top-level researchers in the field of research have gathered.

 Harvard University in the United States produced the most highly cited paper authors by institution.The Chinese Academy of Sciences is second, and the US National Institutes of Health and Germany's Max Planck Institute are tied for third.

Source:[Clarivate Analytics] Released the 2022 edition of the highly cited paper author list that selected the world's best researchers

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