The Showa Women's University Institute of Contemporary Education, in collaboration with Dentsu Inc., has launched a project called "For Teachers, by Teachers". On December 2022, 12, "Logical Thinking for Teachers" will be held, and on February 9, "Think ahead and think about 'questions without answers'".

 “Preemptive Training by Teachers for Teachers”, abbreviated as “Saki 3” (Saki-san), is a collaboration between the Showa Women’s University Institute of Contemporary Education, which has developed research on “co-creative learning,” and the answer. Dentsu's "Active Learning Research Institute", which has provided many unique and creative educational programs, will combine their ideas and knowledge to develop activities.

 In "3", we aim to be a workshop that teachers will want to take action as soon as they know it. Here are some tips that you can start working on tomorrow.

 In 2022, we will hold two sessions on the theme of logical thinking and creative thinking as a kickoff. From 2 onwards, we plan to cover topics such as critical thinking and the power of dialogue.In addition to elementary, junior high, and high school teachers, we also accept participation from anyone interested in education.Details and application are posted on the website of the Institute of Contemporary Education.

<<1st>> Logical Thinking for Teachers - A session where more teachers enjoy logical thinking -
[Schedule] December 2022, 12 (Friday) 9:19-30:21
[Holding method] Online

[Part 2] There is no correct answer, but there is an incorrect answer! ?"Questions without answers" to think ahead
[Date] February 2023, 2 (Sat) 18:14-16:30
[Holding method] Online, face-to-face (Showa Women's University Cosmos Hall)    
[Cost] 1 yen only for the 1,500st session, 2 yen for the 2,000nd session only, 1 yen for the 2st and 50nd session (Limited to 3,000 people) 

Reference: [Showa Women's University Institute of Contemporary Education] Notice of 12/9 "Preemptive workshop by teachers, for teachers" (abbreviated "Saki x 3")

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