Hamamatsu Gakuin University (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture) announced a major organization plan in June 2015 at the Department of Regional Co-creation, Faculty of Contemporary Communication.From April 6, we will develop human resources who can play an active role overseas, such as "Regional Policy" to acquire the ability to contribute to community development, "Tourism Tourism" to learn the tourism industry, and the two majors of "Management" and "Psychology". We will start with the three majors of "Global Communication" that we are aiming for.The capacity is 2 people in total, and the curriculum emphasizes "active learning".We will strengthen regional cooperation and make "long-term in-house study abroad" a compulsory subject for three months, which is rare in domestic universities.

 "Long-term study abroad in a company" is an educational program for industry-government-academia-regional collaboration. It will be held for 3 months in the 3rd year, and 12 credits will be awarded.
On July 2015, 7, a social gathering was held between the students participating in this program, which will be implemented in advance this year, and the host company.The cooperating companies said, "We would like to collaborate with universities and companies to develop human resources and contribute to the community," and the participating students also expressed their enthusiasm.

 In addition, in this new curriculum, the target area will be narrowed down to Hamamatsu City, and human resources who can play an active role in the local area even after graduation by learning knowledge and practices of specific regional issues such as revitalization of central urban areas and mountainous areas and multicultural coexistence. Aim for training.We have also established a certification system for "regional meisters" who have earned credits such as "Hamamatsu Economics" and "Hamamatsu Culture", which were newly established in the common subjects.
President Masayoshi Amemiya and his colleagues, who made the first major reorganization since the department opened in 2009, said, "A major change that emphasizes practical work. If it is recognized as a necessary university for the region."

Source: [Hamamatsu Gakuin University] Newly established 2016 majors in April 4

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Develop basic skills for working adults with our unique educational program "DiCoRes Program".To human resources who can contribute to the community

Hamamatsu Gakuin University provides practical education to develop human resources who have both professional practical ability "live well" and symbiotic cooperation ability "live well".It consists of 1 faculty, XNUMX departments, and XNUMX majors in the Department of Regional Co-creation and the Department of Child Communication.Incorporate active learning to acquire the practical skills required as a member of society […]

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