In November 2022, 11 graduates of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Chiba University of Commerce, were commissioned by Sanmu City, Chiba Prefecture, to join the "Sammu City Support Team."This is an attempt to raise awareness of Sammu City and promote activities to revitalize the local community, which I had been working on while I was in school, from a new stage in society. We will continue to disseminate the appeal of Sanmu City.

 The Faculty of Human and Social Sciences began collaborating with Sanmu City in 2014, when the Faculty was first established, and in November 2021, signed a collaboration and cooperation agreement with the aim of revitalizing the region of Sanmu City. 11 people in 2021 and 53 people in 2022 were appointed to the "Sammu City Support 'Student' Corps". Currently, one second-year student participates in a long-term internship at Sammu City Hall and works to spread the SDGs. ing.

 Activities include creating PR videos for Sanmu City, opening a web page for the Sanmu City Support Student Corps, disseminating information on Twitter and Instagram, developing products using Sanmu City's agricultural products, roadside station "Orai Hasunuma" and MUJI. A wide range of products such as product PR and sales in "Tsunagaru City".

 In addition, the students of Professor Takayuki Teshigahara's seminar, who are members, are also working on the development of local production for local consumption products such as dressings and beer using agricultural products of Sanmu City. Green Papaya Dressing” and “Ai Mikan Dressing” will be sold at the roadside station “Orai Hasunuma” in early December.In the future, we plan to develop a coffee beer using “Mori no Coffee”, which is roasted at the Chiba factory of Nitto Coffee Co., Ltd. in Sanmu City and does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, within 11.

Reference: [Chiba University of Commerce] Support Sanmu City, Chiba Prefecture!Graduates also liven up the region! 80 Alumni Entrusted to the "Sammu City Support Team" (PDF) 

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