A research group led by Daiki Miyake, a doctoral student at the Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University, and Associate Professor Takakazu Takeoka, has developed a hemocompatible polymer (*1) that is used in medical devices that come into contact with blood, and has a size of 100 nanomillimeters (*10). Nano has succeeded in developing a biocompatible material that is soft but not easily cut by introducing 1/XNUMX microparticles at a high concentration.Application to artificial blood vessels and artificial organs is expected in the future.

 According to Nagoya University, the blood-compatible polymer PMEA (*2) is widely used in medical devices that come into contact with blood, such as extracorporeal membrane oxygenators. ing.The newly developed material can be freely molded with a stereolithographic 3D printer, yet it is soft, rubber-like, flexible and tough.

 This property resembles biological soft tissue.The elucidation of the mechanism by the research group paved the way for the development of applications such as artificial blood vessels.Good results comparable to PMEA have been obtained in the blood compatibility evaluation platelet adhesion test.

 The research results were presented at the 11st Polymer Materials Forum held at Tower Hall Funabori in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo on November 15th and 16th.

*1 Polymer A compound in which multiple monomers combine to form a chain or network.Macromolecules, also called polymers
*2 PMEA Polymethoxyethyl acrylate.Less plasma protein adsorption and denaturation on the surface, used as a coating agent for extracorporeal membrane oxygenators

reference:[Nagoya University] Alternative to blood vessels!Development of soft, stretchable and strong biocompatible materials (PDF)

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