A research group led by Chikashi Terao, RIKEN team leader (specially appointed professor at the University of Shizuoka), announced in 2021 jointly with the University of Tokyo graduate school the largest genome-wide association analysis for atopic dermatitis. Using these results, we elucidated the genetic basis of the onset age of atopic dermatitis in Japanese.

 Differences in symptoms of atopic dermatitis depending on the age of onset have been reported, but the cause is unknown.In addition, although genetic involvement in age of onset has been studied in various diseases, there are few examples in allergic diseases, and in atopic dermatitis in particular, there are limited reports mainly on European populations. was onlyTherefore, elucidation of the genetic basis of the onset age at the genome-wide level in the Asian population has been desired.

 Therefore, the joint research group used the results of a large-scale genome-wide association analysis using data from approximately 2021 atopic dermatitis patients registered in Biobank Japan, which was reported in 2,600. We investigated the genetic structure underlying the age of onset.

 As a result, (1) having a risk allele (allele) of the NLRP10 gene, which is a locus with a high frequency of genetic polymorphism especially in Japanese, hastened the age of onset by about 3 years, and (2) atopic skin. (3) the strength of the genetic influence on the age of onset in each of the 17 disease susceptibility regions (onset-associated regions); different.

 These results will lead to elucidation of the pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis depending on the age of onset, the development of new treatment and preventive methods according to each pathology, and early intervention stratified by the magnitude of genetic risk of developing atopic dermatitis. is expected to contribute to

Paper information:[Journal of Investigative Dermatology] Genetic architectures underlie onset age of atopic dermatitis

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