Tokyo's Adachi Ward has decided to establish a new full scholarship that does not require repayment, and will submit a bill to revise the Ward Scholarship Fund Ordinance at the regular meeting of the ward assembly to be held on December 2023, with a view to implementing it from fiscal 12.It plans to provide about 1 low-income and middle-income earners, and it is rare for a local government to provide a benefit-type scholarship of this scale.

 According to Adachi Ward, scholarships are provided to university students with guardians living in the ward or those who are planning to enter the city. 5 million yen or less per case.Based on a national survey, the upper limit amount was set at 4 times the average cost of each department for four years when entering a private university.

 For example, in the case of a private university science department, it costs about 4 million yen for four years.Enrollment fees, tuition fees, and facility maintenance costs required by the university will be paid in full within that range.If the ordinance revision bill is passed by the ward assembly, recruitment for fiscal 826 will begin in January.About 2023 people are expected to be recruited.The funds will come from the ward's fund, which is a collection of distributions and donations from the special ward horse racing union.

 Adachi Ward has established a loan-type scholarship system, but the number of users has been decreasing due to the heavy repayment burden after graduation.For this reason, the government decided to create a new system that does not require repayment.Once the new system is launched, new applications for current loan-type scholarships will be discontinued.

reference:[Adachi Ward] Regular press conference on November 4, 11

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