The Central Council for Education has completed the final adjustments to the report of the Third Basic Plan for Education Promotion and announced the contents. It incorporates five basic policies and 3 goals, such as fostering diverse skills and promoting lifelong learning, for the five-year planning period from FY2018.

 According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the basic policy is
■ Fostering the abilities needed to have dreams and aspirations and challenge possibilities
■ Fostering diverse powers to drive the sustainable development of society
■ Creating an environment where you can learn and play an active role throughout your life
■ Building a safety net for learning so that everyone can become a leader in society
■ Infrastructure development for promoting education policy
-Five.For each, specific goals, measures necessary to achieve them, and indicators for grasping the progress are summarized.

 Specific goals include improving the infrastructure for utilizing ICT in educational settings, improving the qualifications of teachers, developing the educational and research infrastructure of private schools, creating an environment where working adults can learn while working, and promoting internationalized education. We are seeking to cover the issues facing education and respond to them.

 Regarding university relations, graduate school reform aimed at developing human resources who can create innovation, acquisition of excellent foreign students, measures for young people who cannot go on to university due to financial reasons, acceleration of national university reform, promotion of international exchange of educational human resources such as teachers, etc. ing.

 The Central Council for Education urged the government to formulate the Third Basic Plan for Education Promotion and work on education reform based on the purpose of the report.We expect appropriate measures from local governments.

reference:[Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] About the 3rd Education Promotion Basic Plan (Report) (Central Council for Education No. 206)

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