Chuo University has signed an agreement with Ochanomizu University that allows students from both schools to take specific classes at other schools and earn credits.The exchange between the two schools, which has been promoted by graduate students so far, will be expanded to undergraduate students, and will be implemented from the 2023 academic year.

 According to Chuo University, Chuo University's Faculty of Science and Technology, which is located in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, where Ochanomizu University is located, will open classes in the industrial career education program group to Ochanomizu University students from April 2023.

 In this class, we invite people who work at companies that represent Japan as lecturers to discuss what kind of future society companies that promote diversity and SDGs (sustainable development) want to build and what kind of initiatives they are taking. and so on.In addition, the exchange of subjects related to AI (artificial intelligence) and data science, which have been proven at both schools, is also being considered.

 In 2000, Chuo University and Ochanomizu University concluded a student exchange agreement limited to graduate students.However, in April 2023, Chuo University's Faculty of Law will move to the Myogadani Campus in Bunkyo Ward, which is close to Ochanomizu University. Taking advantage of the full-scale progress of university reforms at both schools, we decided to expand the scope of exchanges to include undergraduate students.

reference:[Chuo University] Chuo University and Ochanomizu University Conclude Agreement on Student Exchange -Using university reforms of both sides to revitalize student exchanges and further strengthen collaboration-

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