Tokyo Metropolitan University, in collaboration with Tokyo and NEC, will deepen understanding and interest in sign language and hearing impairment so that hearing-impaired people can visit Tokyo with peace of mind toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. The event "TOKYO Sign Language College" will be held on November 2015, 11.This will be the third collaborative event between Tokyo and NEC in 8, following the "NEC Intractable Disease Communication Support Course" in June 2015 and the "Para Sports Promotion Activity Event" in September.

 "TOKYO Handwriting College" will be held at Tokyo Metropolitan University Minami Osawa Campus in Hachioji City.In the stage program, the keynote speech by Professor Rie Yajima, "The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Challenges of the Law for Persons with Disabilities in Japan," stage presentations and sign language dance performances by the Student Sign Language Circle, and public radio recordings by Haruka Christine and Hinako Sano. Various programs are planned.

 In addition, in the classroom program, the movie "Raintree no Kuni (starring Mariya Nishiuchi and Yuta Tamamori)" released in November 2015, which describes the love between a woman with deafness and a young man who works as a salesperson of a food company. In addition to a gift plan for limited original goods and a workshop for university students to "think about" inaudible "", there will also be a "sign language cafe" where you can order in sign language.

Admission is free, but only the stage program requires advance application from the official website of TOKYO Teshiwa College (

Source:[Tokyo Metropolitan University] TOKYO Telecommunications College-Let's talk!Hand Words-We will hold an event

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