Okajima Laboratory (Associate Professor Hiroshi Okajima) of the Faculty of Policy Studies, Chuo University and Castalia Co., Ltd. have demonstrated inversion learning * and learning continuity using the mobile learning platform "Goocus" * using the company's smartphone. Announced to start research.

 The empirical research was conducted for students taking "Digital Social Theory" by Associate Professor Okajima in the fall semester of 2015.We will compare paper and mobile learning, and conduct research to investigate continuity of learning using content that includes "moe" elements.For the text, "IT Passport Passed Textbook (Technical Review)" is used, and for Moe content, "Moe" characters and voice content of professional voice actors are added (in partnership with Shoeisha), and "Goocus" is used. ”, We will investigate the learning achievement, comprehension, and continuity of each learner.

 Behind this empirical research is the fact that students spend less time touching paper books while spending more time operating smartphones.Associate Professor Okajima thinks that it is the most natural way for learning content to advance to smartphones in order to direct students' time to learning, and by combining new learning forms with lecture techniques such as active learning. , We aim to respond to changes in the times while retaining the advantages of conventional lectures.

* "Goocus" is an app + platform that allows you to easily build a learning environment on your smartphone or tablet. * Inversion learning is a class in which "taking a lecture" has been changed from the mainstream class to "taking a lecture" using a tablet terminal as "homework", and the students prepare for the class at school. It is a learning method that applies the acquired knowledge to solve problems and reverses the time when teachers give guidance to individual students for problems that they did not understand in "homework".

Source:[Castalia Co., Ltd.] Okajima Laboratory and Castalia jointly conduct empirical research on reversal learning using mobile terminals-Simultaneous investigation of how "moe" affects learning continuation-

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