Assistant Professor Kei Ito of the Nagasaki University Institute of Tropical Medicine conducted an online survey on drug-resistant bacteria in eight countries and regions around the world in collaboration with Shizuoka University, Osaka Public University, and Kyushu University. found that between 8% and 15% of Americans have a social dilemma.

 According to Nagasaki University, the survey targeted about 4 people in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Taiwan, Australia, Brazil and Russia.

 In each country, the most common response was, "There is no need to refrain from using antibiotics for yourself or others," at about 50%.On the other hand, 15 to 30% of each country answered, "I want to use antibiotics casually, but I want others to refrain from using antibiotics as much as possible," revealing a social dilemma. became.

 Drug-resistant bacteria caused by overuse of antibiotics have become a major problem.An estimated 2019 million people died worldwide in 127 from drug-resistant bacteria, surpassing the number of deaths from AIDS and malaria.

 In order to prevent the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria, it is necessary to refrain from using antibiotics.Such a situation is called a social dilemma in game theory.

 This survey is the first to confirm the existence of a social dilemma.The problem of drug-resistant bacteria is expected to worsen in the future, but the harsh reality that people in each country do not want the arrival of a society that prioritizes the solution of the problem of drug-resistant bacteria over the medical care desired by individuals has become clear. .

Paper information:[Scientific Reports] Social dilemma in the excess use of antimicrobials incurring antimicrobial resistance

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