Times Higher Education (THE), a British educational magazine famous for its "World University Rankings", has announced "THE World University Rankings Japan 2018".The University of Tokyo and Kyoto University were tied for first place, followed by Tohoku University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Kyushu University.

 The Japanese ranking was created in collaboration with the Benesse Group, and is the second time since 2017.The world version ranking is centered on "research ability", and it is difficult for Japanese universities to be evaluated.Therefore, in the Japanese version, "educational resources" showing the ratio of teachers per student, "educational fulfillment" showing ability growth after enrollment, "educational achievements" investigating corporate personnel and the reputation of researchers, foreign countries 2 items in 4 fields of "internationality" showing the ratio of students and students were set up, and emphasis was placed on measuring "educational ability".

 In the overall ranking, Kyoto University and the University of Tokyo both top with 87.7 points. Tohoku University was 3rd with 86.3 points, Tokyo Institute of Technology with 4 points, and Kyushu University with 85.6 points.National universities, which have a high ratio of faculty members to students, occupy the top nine.The top private university is Keio University, which ranked 5th, and Waseda University, which was 85.0th in 9, ranked 10th, only 2017 points behind Keio University.

 By field, the University of Tokyo is the top in terms of "educational resources" and "educational achievements," and Akita International University is the top in terms of "educational fulfillment" and "internationality."Akita International University ranked 12th, the highest in public universities in the overall ranking.

 The existing university rankings are created mainly based on academic ability at the time of admission, but this Japanese version also focuses on the quality and growth potential of students.It is expected to be used not only as an index for selecting universities in Japan for examinees, but also as an objective index for university management to reform education.

<THE World University Rankings Japan 2018> Overall Ranking
1st place Kyoto University
1st place The University of Tokyo
3rd place Tohoku University
4th place Tokyo Institute of Technology
5th place Kyushu University
6th place Hokkaido University
7th place Nagoya University
8th place Osaka University
9th University of Tsukuba
10th place Keio University

Reference: [Benesse Holdings, Inc.] "THE World University Rankings Japan 2018" Announcement-The XNUMXnd Japan University Rankings Announcement and Result Analysis- (PDF)

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