Kyoto University, Tokyo Agricultural and Industrial University, Ritsusho University, Oki Electric Industry (Tokyo, President Hideichi Kawasaki), NEC (Tokyo, President Nobuhiro Endo), Sharp (Osaka City, President Kozo Takahashi) 3 The company has jointly developed a "super-realistic telework system" that allows you to see information about remote offices at a glance, access areas of interest, and have conversations.This is a joint research commissioned by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, which makes it possible to collaborate as if working together while sharing information with people in remote offices by utilizing innovative 3D video technology. increase.

NEC and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology have developed a technology that allows them to intuitively communicate each other's situation between remote areas and to communicate with each other in consideration of the other.In addition to expressing the sounds and movements of people in the office with onomatopoeia and mimicry words, the busyness and concentration of the person are estimated based on the amount of operation of the PC and the presence or absence of conversation.
Oki Electric Industry has developed a technology to access the area of ​​interest in a remote office and talk with colleagues.By controlling multiple cameras and microphones, sounds and images in any area can be extracted and distributed.
Sharp and Kyoto University have developed a technology for sharing information quickly and accurately with people in remote areas.We will share various information that flies in the office accurately and quickly through the large screen display.

The three universities and three companies have started demonstration experiments using this system in July 3.The experiment will continue until the end of the year to verify the effectiveness of the actual office work.

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