Musashino University (Koto-ku, Tokyo) will establish a new "Global Faculty" in April 2016.There are three departments: Global Communication Department, Japanese Communication Department, and Global Business Department.One of the features of our faculty is that English and Chinese, which cover the two major economic zones of Europe, the United States and Asia, are compulsory, and it is possible to aim for "trilingual".
In addition, in the Department of Global Business, you can study management, management, accounting finance, trade, etc. in English, and you can also graduate in "All English".There are long-term and short-term study abroad programs and internship programs in Japan and overseas, both of which are accredited as part of the class.

 As for the environment on campus, about 3% will be occupied by international students so that they can exchange different cultures at any time. In the third year, there are also compulsory subjects of the "Global Project" research type, in which teams are formed with international students to work on research subjects.
The Global Leadership Program (GLP) is available for students with a strong spirit of challenge.With the aim of developing the next generation of leaders who have practical English and Chinese skills, you can participate in overseas university affiliated study abroad programs, collaborative seminars with foreign-affiliated companies, and overseas internships.

 At our university, we held a press briefing on September 2015, 9, and announced the educational content of our faculty and the human resources to be trained. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology received the notification on August 15, and it has been approved to increase the capacity (total capacity of 8 undergraduates).

Source: [Musashino University] Opened in April 2016 Faculty of Global Studies

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