Based on the friendship agreement that Osaka University has signed with Gamba Osaka, a soccer team, we will start learning support for Gamba Osaka Academy students.After returning to the dormitory on weekdays, once or twice every two weeks, study support for about one hour will be provided face-to-face or online.

 According to Osaka University, learning support is provided by members of the Osaka University Soccer Club, and there are about 20 members who wish to participate in this activity.Support target is dormitory students of Gamba Osaka Junior Youth (junior high school age).1 to 4 soccer club members are fixed for each junior high school student.Subjects are decided in consultation with dormitory students.

 In 2014, Osaka University concluded a friendship agreement with Gamba Osaka, which is based in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, where the campus is located, and promised to cooperate in the development of local sports clubs and local communities.This learning support is a part of that, aiming to improve the academic ability of Gamba Osaka academy students who aim for both literary and martial arts.

 In 2018, Gamba Osaka established the Seisho Dormitory in Suita City, near the stadium and training grounds, where youth (high school age) and junior youth academy students live.

reference:[Osaka University] Osaka University started learning support for Gamba Osaka Academy students

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