Researchers Yoko Nakao and Taizo Motonishi, researchers of Kansai University Socio-Network Strategy Research Institute, found that people who were identified as targets of health guidance in specific health checkups had slightly improved obesity indices compared to those who were not. rice field.Short-term improvements were also seen in blood pressure and triglyceride levels, but the improvement effect is attenuating year by year.

 According to Kansai University, researcher Nakao and his colleagues used anonymous receipt information for specific health checkups and health guidance provided by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to research about 2014 million people nationwide who underwent specific health checkups in 582.

 As a result, compared to those who did not receive health guidance, the waist circumference decreased by 1 cm for men and 0.27 cm for women, and the weight decreased by 0.34 kg for men and 0.21 kg for women, showing a slight improvement in obesity indicators. confirmed.However, these improvement effects were attenuated with the passage of time.Short-term improvements were also seen in blood pressure, hemoglobin A0.28c, fasting blood sugar, and triglycerides in both men and women.

 After that, those who actually received health guidance showed greater improvement than those who did not, with their waist circumference reduced by 5.0 cm for men and 5.7 cm for women, and their weight decreased by 3.8 kg for men and 4.7 kg for women.

 Health guidance includes men's blood pressure, hemoglobin A1c, fasting blood sugar, and triglycerides. Although it was associated with improved HDL cholesterol, the association was smaller in women than in men.

Paper information:[European Journal of Preventive Cardiology] Impact of a national screening program on obesity and cardiovascular risk factors

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