"YaCHAIKA", a high heel that is hard to get tired and developed by Mr. Yasuyuki Yamada of Chuo University Research and Development Organization, was selected as the second best work in Japan at the 10th James Dyson Awards.Yachika has been nominated for its both fashionability and comfort. We are planning to exhibit improved products at "Tokyo Design Week" to be held from October 2th, and depending on the reputation, we are planning to consider commercialization in the future.

Mr. Yamada, who is studying biomechatronics in the Nakamura laboratory of the Department of Precision Mechanical Engineering at Chuo University, said that modern women have "working (implicit) rules such as having to wear high heels and individuals such as TPO. By focusing on "restrictions that cannot be solved by" and "clothes designed with high heels", we worked to develop high heels that are more comfortable to wear without suffering from the fatigue and health hazards that often occur.

Yachika focused on the problem that conventional high heels are prone to fatigue, deterioration of posture, joint pain, etc. because the beauty of the wearer's standing and gait is mainly considered, and these are solved. It was researched aiming at.Also, if you wear high heels, it is difficult to walk using your ankles, and the impact at the time of landing will be a physical load as it is. It enables natural walking and reduction of fatigue.

The James Dyson Award is an international design engineering award to honor, support and train the next generation of design engineers.Yachika is highly praised for her commitment to rebuilding the prototype, which she believed would not change, focusing on the problems women face on a daily basis around the world.This year's International Best Award will be selected from 2 works including Yachika, who ranked second in Japan. The announcement will be on November 20, and the international best work will be awarded about 11 million yen.

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