The overall ranking is 1st at the University of Tokyo, 2nd at Kyoto University, and 3rd at RIKEN.When Claribate Analytics, a global information service company, analyzed the number of papers that had a great influence on subsequent research and ranked Japanese research institutes, the following results were obtained.

 Clarivate Analytics uses ESI, a statistical database that provides citation trend data for academic papers, and how many of the academic papers published by Japanese research institutes during the 2007 years from January 1, 1 to the end of December 2017 are covered. We investigated whether it was in the top 12% of citation rates.

 According to it, the ranking of domestic research institutes in terms of the total number of papers within the top 1% of the citation rate is from the top Tokyo University (1,338) to Kyoto University, Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Osaka University, Tohoku University, Nagoya University, Kyushu University. , National Institute of Materials and Materials Research, National Institute of Industrial Technology, and Tokyo Institute of Technology.

 The top 10 includes 7 national universities and 3 national research institutes.20 national universities, 13 private universities, 2 national research institutes, and 4 inter-university research institute corporation are ranked in the top 1.

 By field, Osaka University in immunology, National Institute of Materials and Materials in materials science, and Institute of Physical and Chemical Research in plants and zoology, with the University of Tokyo in chemistry, biology / biochemistry, molecular biology, and physics. It became the first place.RIKEN, International Research Center for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Plant and Zoology of Nara Institute of Science and Technology, and Molecular Biology of Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science have a strong presence.

 The total number of papers within the top 1% of citation rates in Japan was the 12th in the world, unchanged from the previous year.

reference:[Clarivate Analytics] Announced 2018 edition of Japanese research institute ranking by analyzing the number of high-impact papers

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