The spread of the new coronavirus infection has not yet come to an end, and the impact on the mental health of university students has become a major social issue.Associate Professor Ryo Hotta of the Gifu University Health Administration Center has developed a web response system "CCAPS-iQAS" that can be used not only for visualizing the mental health of university students but also for early detection and early support.

 Many research results have been published both in Japan and overseas regarding the impact of the COVID-XNUMX crisis on the mental health of university students. has not been utilized.

 Therefore, Associate Professor Hotta jointly developed with a company the web system "CCAPS-iQAS" that visualizes the mental health of university students and can be used for self-understanding of the students themselves, early detection of students requiring support, and early support. . CCAPS is an abbreviation for Counseling Center Assessment of Psychological Symptoms, an international standard psychological index developed in the United States that specializes in measuring the psychological and psychiatric symptoms of university students. Reliability and validity have been demonstrated.The Japanese version was developed by Associate Professor Hotta as research representative.

 In "CCAPS-iQAS", the results are automatically and immediately fed back to the students who responded, and the contact information of the consultation desk and a message prompting consultation according to the results are displayed.This kind of function is unparalleled, and we tested it with about 4,000 Gifu University students and confirmed its high stability and practicality.The results and significance of the research were highly evaluated, and it was published in "Student Counseling Research" published by the Japan Student Counseling Society.It has already been implemented at multiple universities, including Gifu University.

 If the number of universities that introduce CCAPS-iQAS increases in the future, it will be possible to build big data on the mental health of university students, which will be useful for understanding the actual situation such as characteristics and trends for each year.In addition, it will be possible to compare gender and grade differences, and it is expected to contribute to the formulation of action plans for mental health support for university students.

Reference: [Gifu University] Developing a system to visualize the mental health of university students -Immediate feedback of results to students- 

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