In October 2022, Shizuoka Institute of Technology signed a joint research agreement with Japan DMC Co., Ltd. on a method for real-time sharing of human position information on 10D point cloud data.

 Implementation and dissemination of the 5.0D spatial information infrastructure is essential for the social realization of "Society 3" advocated by the Japanese government.For that purpose, it is necessary to realize cross-disciplinary cooperation with various spatial information using spatial ID as a common index, and to utilize various applications to promote the fusion of virtual and physical.

 In the joint research, as one of such applications, we aim to add time-varying dynamic information to the static position and attribute information of point cloud data. Develop a system that visualizes information in real time.

 According to Takaaki Sugimoto, Group Leader of the Digital Service Group, Spatial Information Technology Development Department at Japan DMC, there are only a few systems that can share 3D data. Currently, there is no system that can easily share location information on group data.

 In this joint research, we are trying to share GNSS data on-time on the point cloud data by making use of the XNUMXD point cloud data with height information that is not available in the two-dimensional map of Japan DMC.There are various methods for measuring point cloud data, but in this study, point cloud data measured by aircraft (airborne laser survey), backpack type (LidarSLAM device and GNSS-equipped LidarSLAM device), and fixed type (ground laser scanner) are using.

 Based on the research results, we plan to provide services such as real-time visualization of evacuation conditions in urban areas in the event of a disaster.In addition, according to Associate Professor Haruno Ishikawa of the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Engineering, while the field of civil engineering is lagging behind in the use and application of point cloud data, the field of architecture is still lagging behind. It is said that there is a high need for visualization ofThis will show the possibility of expanding into the construction field using open sources such as point cloud data of local governments without accumulating huge capital strength, specialized technology, and proprietary data volume.

Reference: [Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology] Concluded a joint research agreement with Japan DMC Co., Ltd.: Development of a system that immediately shares the location information of smartphones in urban space using XNUMXD point cloud data

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