Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has implemented a surprise support project called "My Palm Cheering Team" to deliver cheers from family members, friends, and colleagues to the SNS of students taking Calorie Mate.A documentary movie has been released that captures the situation.

 The relationship between examinees and their smartphones has changed year by year, and recently smartphones have come to be used as a tool to help them study, take a break, and encourage each other with family and friends to study for entrance exams.When I interviewed the students, it turned out that they rarely supported me directly, saying, "I usually don't complain, so I'm rarely told to do my best directly."On the other hand, it was found that those who watched over the students were not as supportive as those close to them, such as "I'm worried about being pressured" and "I'm embarrassed."

 That's why I planned "My palm cheering party". In December 2022, a surprise was given to five students who were about to take the university entrance exam.In the midst of loneliness and anxiety, students who are studying hard are watching stories posted on SNS during breaks, and video messages from family and friends are displayed on the Calorie Mate account. Candidates were surprised to hear warm encouragement from people close to them, such as "I wholeheartedly support you" and "I'm proud of you for your hard work every day".The documentary movie contains the real reactions and overflowing thoughts of the students who received the cheers.

Reference: [YouTube] Calorie Mate web movie |

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