On January 2023, 1 (Wednesday), the University Entrance Examination Center announced the mid-term tally and follow-up/re-examination of the list of average scores of the university entrance common test (main test) held on January 18 and 1.

 A total of 22 students were included in the interim tally.In Science 1659, the average score for "Biology" was low at 40.55 points, which was far behind the "Physics" score of 64.46 points.Whether or not the score adjustment will be implemented will be announced on Friday, January 1.

 Regarding "living things", there was a typo in the text of question 1 of question XNUMX, and the correct answer was corrected.It turned out that the wording of "concentration gradient" was shown as "concentration gradient" in the problem of selecting one option that includes the appropriate one without excess or deficiency, and this option is also included because it may affect the answer. I got it right.

 Regarding make-up examinations, 3889 people are allowed to take examinations due to illness, injury and accidents.Of these, 3557 were sick or injured, and 332 were accidents.A total of 2 people were eligible to retake the exam over the two days at six venues, and the reason was that the exam time was not properly secured in all cases.Make-up exams will be held on January 6 (Sat) and 393 (Sun).

reference:University entrance examination center

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