Tetsufumi Takimoto, the author of "Mirai's Class," is invited as an advisor to the Takimoto Seminar, which is mainly conducted by students at the University of Tokyo. "Started.As part of this, on May 2018, 5, we will hold a lecture on sleep for adolescent students, with Mr. Tetsuyoshi Shimura, a leading sleep researcher, as a lecturer.

 Until now, it has been said that "early rising is a virtue of Sanmon" and it has been encouraged to get up early, but in recent years, it has become clear in the field of sleep science that "early rising in adolescence has an adverse effect on the mind and body of students". Has been done.The reason for this is that "adolescents naturally have a night-time rhythm, so getting up early naturally becomes difficult regardless of lifestyle."In addition, many studies have pointed out the relationship between premature start time and sleep deprivation, and sleep deprivation not only causes physical and mental disorders, but also causes a significant increase in school refusal and suicide risk. It is also one of the educational issues to be tackled.In fact, survey results show that about 9% of Japanese high school students lack sleep for less than 8 hours.

 Against this background, in 2014, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a statement calling for "starting junior high and high schools after 8:30", and now, the proper starting time for junior high and high schools around the world. The movement to set is in progress.Therefore, in Japan as well, the Takimoto Seminar / Japan Policy Creation Foundation has started the eSLEEP project in collaboration with domestic and foreign researchers with the goal of optimizing the start of work and improving the sleeping environment of junior and senior high school students.

 This time, as part of the project, we invited Mr. Tetsuyoshi Shimura, a leading sleep researcher and leader of the sleep research unit at Tokyo Medical University, as a lecturer to hold a lecture for high school teachers at Tokyo Medical University. do.Lectures will be given on sleep for adolescents and appropriate guidance for it.

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