Tokyo Institute of Technology and NEC (NEC) have established a new system, the NEC R&D Doctor's Pass, to support the research activities of doctoral course students.We are recruiting for master's course students at Tokyo Tech who are aiming to advance to the doctoral course at Tokyo Tech, and will receive benefits such as scholarship repayment support of up to 540 million yen and a job offer to join NEC's research and development department in the year they plan to obtain their doctorate.

 According to the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the number of students in Japan who go on to doctoral programs is low compared to other developed countries, which is one of the reasons why the creation of new industries is stagnating.This is because some students who wish to obtain a doctoral degree give up due to financial reasons or concerns about their careers after graduation.

 The new system was established with the aim of overcoming this situation. Students who receive loan-type scholarships while enrolled in the doctoral program can receive an upper limit of 540 million yen after joining the company if they meet the requirements separately set by NEC. In addition to supporting the return to NEC, it is possible to concentrate on research without worrying about job hunting by being offered to join NEC.

 In addition, during the period before joining the company, employees are provided with the opportunity to participate in paid summer research internships to learn about corporate research activities, and senior employees regularly provide advice on research activities.

 The selection process for the first batch of students will begin in February through document screening and interviews, and applicants will be notified of the selection results after April.

reference:[Tokyo Institute of Technology] NEC and Tokyo Institute of Technology established the "NEC R&D Doctor's Pass" system to support the research activities of doctoral students

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