Kobe University has announced that it will introduce a quarter system for all students (excluding some) and start a new liberal arts education from 2016.

 The quarter system is a system in which the first and second semester classes are divided into halves and classes are held in eight weeks each.There are two main purposes for introducing this system, one is to "promote participation in extracurricular activities such as study abroad". By using one quarter as a "gap term *", it will be easier to participate in extracurricular activities such as study abroad, overseas internships, and volunteering.We will also promote the acceptance of students from overseas and further internationalize the campus. The second purpose is "learning through short-term intensive lessons."By making the lessons once a week for 8 weeks or twice a week for 2 weeks, it will be easier to study intensively for a short period of time.Classes are held in a short period of time, and exams are conducted every quarter.You can check the learning results each time.

 In addition, Kobe University plans to implement reforms in liberal arts education from FY2016.We will review the liberal arts subjects that were mainly studied by first and second graders, and establish "basic liberal arts subjects" and "general liberal arts subjects".In addition, we have set up "advanced liberal arts subjects" for third and fourth graders who have learned specialized fields, "ability to think from multiple perspectives", "ability to understand diversity and global issues", and "collaboration" throughout the four years. We aim to acquire the ability to practice.
 In addition, as an introductory education for new students, a new "first year seminar" for all undergraduate students will be held.Through dialogue with faculty members and other students, new students will develop the autonomous learning attitude necessary for university students in the academic field.

* Gap term is a half-year blank period from high school graduation to university admission that occurs when a Japanese university shifts to mainstream autumn admission overseas.

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