A research group led by Gaku Hitosugi, Lecturer at Kyushu University Graduate School of Dentistry, and Ryo Sasaki, Lecturer at Tokyo Women's Medical University School of Dentistry and Oral Surgery, developed a new rule to easily determine the safe maximum recommended dose of local anesthetics in pediatric dental treatment. Proposed.The results of the research were published in the journal of the Japanese Society of Dental Anesthesiology, which included increasing the amount of dental anesthetic injection by half for every 6 kg of body weight.

 According to Kyushu University, local anesthetics are indispensable for dental treatment, but local anesthetic poisoning in children due to overdosage is often a problem.The reason for this is that the upper limit of the dosage for children has not been clarified, and there are many rules around the world.

 Most dentists in Japan use a local anesthetic, which is 1.8ml per cartridge, in a dedicated syringe. did not know a safe maximum recommended dose.

 Therefore, the research group devised a new rule to increase the cartridge by half for every 6 kg of body weight as a method to easily calculate the safe maximum recommended dose.The new rule does not limit the type of dental anesthetic.Although the maximum recommended dose of the new rule is lower than the standard value of other rules, it is said that it is a sufficient amount of local anesthetic in pediatric dental practice.

 The research group believes that if the new rules become widespread, it will reduce confusion on the part of dentists and the anxiety of patients, and increase the safety of pediatric dental treatment.

Paper information:[Journal of the Japanese Society of Anesthesia] New maximum recommended doses of local anesthetics for pediatric dental treatment: HC/6 Rule 6 Rules")

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