Tokyo Institute of Technology and Tokyo Medical and Dental University, which are aiming to merge in 2024, have decided to name the new university "Tokyo University of Science (provisional name)."The abbreviated name is Kagaku Daigaku.The English notation is "Institute of Science Tokyo", and the abbreviation is currently being adjusted.It will be the first time since 2003, when Tokyo University of Fisheries and Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine merged to form Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, that a national university will restart under a new name through integration.

 According to the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the two schools will widely solicit names for the new university from within and outside the university from November to December 2022.As a result, more than 11 proposals were collected, and the name review working group established under the integration preparation committee discussed the proposals and made a final decision.

 The new name includes the name "Tokyo" at the beginning of the school name, emphasizing that it is a university based in Tokyo and bearing in mind that the new university is responsible for the development of science and is trying to open up a vibrant future. , and included the word "science". “Science” includes not only the fields of specialization and unknown areas of both universities, but also the perspectives of the humanities and social sciences.In addition, in order to gain the understanding and expectations of society by making efforts to have science recognized as a culture, it is said that consideration was also given to making it familiar and easy to remember.
 It should be noted that the name is tentative at the moment, and the name decision will require procedures at the Council for University Establishment and School Corporations and revision of the National University Corporation Law (deliberation in the Diet).

reference:[Tokyo Institute of Technology] Decided to submit the name of the new university as "Tokyo University of Science (provisional name)" to the Council for Establishment of Universities and School Corporations

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