A research group at the Hiroshima University Graduate School, Hiroshima Municipal Funairi Municipal Hospital, Miyoshi Central Hospital, and Hiroshima Prefectural Infectious Diseases and Disease Control Center conducted research on patients who had recovered from the new coronavirus infection, and found that after contracting the new coronavirus infection, , revealed that prejudice and aftereffects of infection increase the psychological burden and the risk of work dysfunction.

 It has been pointed out that after recovery from COVID-XNUMX, persistent sequelae such as fatigue, shortness of breath, headache, and taste disturbance may occur, and even mild symptoms may cause functional impairment in work, social life, and family life after recovery. ing.On the other hand, stigma against infection is also a serious problem for recovered patients and has been linked to psychological problems such as anxiety and depression.

 Therefore, this time, we conducted a survey (April 2 to November 309) of 2020 patients with new coronavirus infections at two hospitals for new coronavirus infections in Hiroshima Prefecture.

 As a result, 62.5% of the participants experienced one or more sequelae, psychological burden was found in 36.9% of the subjects, and work dysfunction was found in 37.9% of the subjects.32.7% of the subjects answered that they experienced prejudice against infection.Sequelae was associated with both psychological burden and work disability, and similarly prejudice against infection was associated with both psychological burden and work disability.Furthermore, it was suggested that the effects of sequelae on work dysfunction are mediated by psychological burden.

 As the number of COVID-XNUMX patients increases, more people are expected to experience psychological burdens and suffer from functional impairment after recovering from the disease.Eradication of prejudice against infection and psychological support are important to prevent or reduce the onset of these psychological burdens and work dysfunction.

Paper information:[Scientific Reports] The role of discrimination in the relation between COVID-19 sequelae, psychological distress, and work impairment in COVID-19 survivors

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