Riskmonster.com Co., Ltd., which develops businesses such as credit management services, announced the results of the first "Ranking of companies and industries that first and second year college students want to find employment" surveyed with the cooperation of Oceanize Co., Ltd.

 この調査は、2015 年夏に行われた全国の大学1、2年生を対象にしたインターネット調査で、回収した365の有効回答をもとに分析。調査結果によると、就職したいと思う企業の1位は「地方公務員(27.7%)」、次いで「国家公務員(19.5%)」、「日本赤十字社(12.6%)」、4位「日本郵便」、5位「みずほ銀行」と続き、また、業種別でも、1位「公務員など公的機関・士業(40.0%)」、2位「金融・法人向けサービス(22.7%)」、3位「メディア(20.0%)」となり、大学1、2生時点では公務員に対する人気の高さがうかがえる結果となりました。

When asked about what they are currently working on in preparation for job hunting, 31.2st place is "taking classes (2%)", 24.4nd place is "studying for qualification (20.3%)", and "nothing in particular (8.8)". %) ”,“ Participation in corporate internships (6.6%) ”,“ Industry research (4.9%) ”, and“ OB / OG visits (XNUMX%) ”were low.

In addition, when compared with the "Ranking of companies / industries that want to get a job" conducted by Riskmonster for job hunting students in March 2015, "local public servants" ranked first in the ranking of job hunting students was 3%, and "national public servants". While it decreased significantly to 1%, there was a tendency for many manufacturers to be included. Since I rarely do internships or industry research in the first and second grades, I found that the image of employment is rough, and hopes are biased toward industries with high publicity and exposure.

Source: Riskmonster.com "XNUMXst" Ranking of companies / industries that first and second year college students want to find employment ""

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