Shibaura Institute of Technology announced that it has dispatched 2017 students to overseas universities and companies, which is the largest number of overseas dispatches in 1,288, and has accepted 1,297 international students.

 Shibaura Institute of Technology is the only private science and engineering university that has adopted "Top Global University Project (SGU) *" and is working to develop global engineers who can play an active role in the world.Problem-solving learning with overseas students such as Global PBL (Project-Based Learning) to acquire skills necessary for engineers in the future, and "GTI (Global Technology Initiative)" established in 2015, which is an industry-academia-government collaboration centered on Southeast Asia. ) We are promoting human resource development through international industry-academia-government collaboration utilizing the "Consortium".As a result, in fiscal 2017, we dispatched a record high of 1,288 students to overseas universities and companies, and accepted 1,297 international students.This is five times as many as dispatched and 2014 times as many as accepted when SGU was adopted in 5.

 The main global human resources development programs conducted by Shibaura Institute of Technology in 2017 are "Global PBL (dispatch type)" and "Global PBL (acceptance type)".In the dispatch type, a project team is formed with students from overseas partner schools to work on solving problems in specialized fields and interdisciplinary themes. In fiscal 2017, 40 programs were implemented, including production and implementation of line trace robots with local students in Vietnam, study of infrastructure models such as LED street lights and village entrance gates with local students in the Philippines, and construction work. Was dispatched.

 In the acceptance type, an industry-academia collaborative global PBL will be held on the Omiya campus from December 2017th to 12th, 12. Nine companies and local governments provide project themes such as "To create a world where electricity is 20% supplemented with renewable energy." 9 people from 100 countries participated and challenged to solve real-world problems through group work, company inspections, field surveys, and hands-on learning in Tochigi Prefecture.As for the acceptance type in 11, 78 cases were implemented and 2017 people were accepted.

* The "Top Global University Project" is a project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology aimed at improving the international competitiveness of higher education in Japan.We will provide priority support to universities that conduct world-class education and research and universities that lead internationalization.

Reference: [Shibaura Institute of Technology] A record number of 2017 students were dispatched overseas in 1,288, and 1,297 international students were accepted.

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