The "Student's Choice Internship Award" was held for the first time to commend internships that contributed to the social and professional independence of students, sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and "Fujitsu Limited" received the grand prize.

 Currently, it has been decided that public relations activities will start in March and selection activities will start in June until students graduating in 2019, making it difficult for students to fully understand the industry and companies in a short period of time.Therefore, it is important to create opportunities to contribute to the social and professional independence of students such as internships, but on the other hand, the burden on the accepting company is heavy, and the internship implementation rate is 3% (FY6 / 37.6). The current situation is that they are only graduated from the year.

 Therefore, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Japan Business Federation, Mynavi Corporation, etc. sponsored the "Student's Choice Internship Award" to help solve this problem.Widely disseminate effective internship programs that contribute to student social and professional independence to society, improve the quality of internships, increase the number of companies implementing them, and more accurately match new graduates with the labor market. It aims to.

 1 companies (247 programs) applied for the first "Student's Choice Internship Award".Among them, after screening by student questionnaire, student subcommittee, expert subcommittee, etc., 297 excellence awards (Eimizu Chemical Co., Ltd., Crown Package Co., Ltd., Fujitsu Co., Ltd., Bosch Co., Ltd., Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.) ) Is decided.In addition, Fujitsu Limited received the grand prize as the company that implemented the best internship program among these five companies.

 The reasons for receiving the grand prize were that each student was given a mentor to provide more information and follow-up, and that internships were accepted all over the country, making it easy for local students to participate.

Reference: ["Student's Choice Internship Award" Executive Committee] Student's Choice Internship Award

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