At the "RoboCup Japan Open 2018 @ Home League" held from May 5rd to 3th, 5, "Hibikino-" formed by students of Kyushu Institute of Technology Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering and Associate Professor Gon Tamukai of the same department. The Musashi @ Home ”team has achieved the feat of winning, runner-up, and winning the Artificial Intelligence Society Award.

 RoboCup is a competition with autonomous mobile robots that move by thinking for themselves, not robots that move by human operation like radio-controlled models.With the aim of promoting research on artificial intelligence and robotics and spreading it as basic technology in various fields, robot-based soccer competition "RoboCup Soccer" and "RoboCup Rescue" to save lives in the field with the theme of disaster sites , "RoboCup @ Home," which pursues collaborative work with humans in everyday life such as kitchens and living areas, and "RoboCup Junior," a league of children who will support future RoboCup. Compete for performance.

 In @Home League, as a service robot that works in cooperation with humans in the human living space, it has a high ability of artificial intelligence to communicate naturally with humans, recognize the surrounding environment, and plan and execute actions by itself. Is required.It is the largest league in the RoboCup, and it is said that the attention from companies is extremely high.

 Hibikino-Musashi @ Home participates in OPL (Open Platform League, unlimited class that participates in robots made by ourselves) and DSPL (Domestic Standard Platform League, standard machine league that participates in TOYOTA HSR).He won the OPL and the runner-up in the DSPL.In addition, the results of research and development on artificial intelligence of home robots through the activities of RoboCup were highly evaluated, and it was honored with the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence Award.
The team has been unofficially decided to participate in the world championships to be held in Canada in June 2018, and it is expected that they will continue to play an active role in the future.

reference:[Kyushu Institute of Technology] Hibikino-Musashi @ Home won the 2018st, XNUMXnd, and Artificial Intelligence Society Awards at "RoboCup Japan Open XNUMX"!

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