A research group at Azabu University has revealed that lack of the interleukin-6 (IL6) family cytokine receptor (Gp130) in mouse uterine epithelial cells results in complete infertility with embryo implantation failure.They say that they were able to elucidate a part of the embryo implantation mechanism that is important for establishment of pregnancy.The result of joint research with Kazusa DNA Research Institute and Kanazawa University.

 Embryo implantation in humans and other mammals is established when a fertilized egg (embryo) reaches the uterus, contacts and adheres to epithelial cells of the endometrium, and implants in the endometrium.In this process, hormones secreted from the ovaries promote the secretion of cytokines and the like, and the inflammatory response caused by cytokines is thought to play an important role, but the detailed mechanism remains unclear.

 Therefore, in this study, we generated genetically modified mice lacking the gene for interleukin 6 (IL6) family cytokine receptor (Gp130) in the uterine epithelium and analyzed the effect on embryo implantation.As a result, they found that the embryo could not adhere to the uterus in this mouse, resulting in infertility.

 In the uterus of mice lacking Gp130 in the uterine epithelium, morphological changes in the uterus toward embryo implantation occur, but functional changes do not occur due to improper downstream signal transduction. Decreased hormone responsiveness, infiltration of immune cells into the endometrium, abnormal remodeling of epithelial cells toward embryo adhesion, etc. are observed, and complete infertility is caused by embryo adhesion failure.

 This result suggests that signal transduction via Gp130 present in the uterine epithelium is essential for establishment of embryo implantation, leading to the elucidation of a part of the embryo implantation mechanism in mammals.The results of this research are expected to be applied to the investigation of the causes of infertility and the development of treatment methods.

Paper information:[Scientific Reports] Uterine epithelial Gp130 orchestrates hormone response and epithelial remodeling for successful embryo attachment in mice

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