In April 2023, the public interest incorporated foundation Keyence Foundation started recruiting "benefit-type scholarships" for new first-year university students.

 This scholarship is a benefit-type scholarship that does not require repayment.The monthly benefit amount was 2019 yen so far, but it will be increased to 8 yen per month from 2023.We will continue to provide support for the four years until graduation (total benefit of 10 million yen).The number of recruits will increase by 4 from 480 to about 2022.For scholarship students who are already enrolled, the monthly amount will be increased to 100 yen from 600.

 Applicants must be 2023 years old or younger as of April 4, 4, and enter a four-year faculty or department in April 4, regardless of whether they are in the humanities or sciences.The amount of income of the household is one of the selection criteria, but there is no income limit when applying.The foundation's selection committee comprehensively selects applicants based on their academic performance, financial situation, and short essays.

 Applicants must enter the necessary information on the foundation website and apply by 2023:2 am from Wednesday, February 1, 4 to Friday, April 7, 10.

Reference: [Keyence Foundation] New first year university (4 years support) benefit type benefits

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