On March 2023, 3 (Sunday), Azabu University and the Japan Animal Hospital Association (JAHA) will co-host a symposium titled "Future Symbiotic Society with Animals and the Role of Veterinarians and Nursing."Participation is free and online participation is possible.

 In this symposium, we will consider the relationship between the past and the future of companion animals, and the social role and human resource development of veterinary medicine and pet nurses.On the day of the event, lectures will be given by professors from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Azabu University and JAHA vice presidents.

<Main contents of the symposium>
“Past and Future of Humans and Companion Animals” Associate Professor Miho Nagasawa, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Azabu University
"Social Participation of Companion Animals, Treasures of Humankind -From the Start of JAHA CAPP Activities in 1986-" Ms. Yuko Shibauchi, Akasaka Animal Hospital
"What to do for the happy future of puppies, kittens and their families" Ms. Kaori Murata, Mominoki Animal Hospital
"The Role of Universities in Animal Protection Activities" Professor Tetsu Takagi, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Azabu University, Lecturer Haruka Kuze
“What is expected of pet nurses – clinical practice and other fields –” Yoichiro Ichikawa, Vice President of JAHA
“Future of veterinary clinical practice, team medicine” Hiromichi Ueno, JAHA Executive Director

 The symposium will be held on Sunday, March 2023, 3 from 26:13 to 17:30 at the Centennial Hall on the 8th floor of Building No. 7, Azabu University.Participation fee is free.Pre-registration is not required for participants, but if you want to watch online, you need to pre-register from the application form.

 JAHA is a public interest incorporated association centered on veterinary hospitals, with approximately 700 veterinary hospitals nationwide, their staff, and volunteers supporting their activities.A comprehensive partnership agreement was signed with Azabu University on March 2022, 3.In addition to co-sponsoring such symposiums, we will strive to strengthen education and research in the fields of veterinary medicine and animal nursing.

Reference: [Azabu University] Azabu University × JAHA co-sponsored symposium "Future Symbiotic Society with Animals and the Role of Veterinarians and Nursing" 

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