The Kio University Health Team Nara (Kio Nutrition Egg Team), a dietary education volunteer circle made up of Kio University health and nutrition students, collaborated with Takaya Tanaka, a patissier of the social welfare corporation Seseragikai, to produce locally grown Yamato green tea. Developed “Green Tea Madeleine” and “Green Tea Vegan Cookie” using From February 2023, 2, it is on sale at Nara Meihinkan Nara Park Bus Terminal Store and Nara Mahorobakan in Tokyo.

 "Kio University Health Team Nara (Kio Nutrition Egg Team)" is a student of registered dietitian eggs at four-year universities in Nara Prefecture (Kio University, Kinki University, Tezukayama University, Nara Women's University) that have a registered dietitian training course. A volunteer circle made up ofUtilizing the knowledge and skills learned in the registered dietitian training course, we collaborate with local governments, various organizations, companies, etc., and conduct food education activities for the same generation and children.

 This time, the members of the circle developed two types of baked sweets using local Yamato tea."Green tea madeleine" made with carefully selected ingredients such as eggs from Nara Prefecture and raw sugar from Tanegashima, and "Green tea vegan cookies" (both 2 yen including tax each) that do not use animal ingredients such as eggs and dairy products.

 We enlisted the help of pastry chef Takaya Tanaka, who has won the Nara Prefectural Governor's Award, for devising recipes, making prototypes, and making sweets.The members made many prototypes during the summer vacation, completed a convincing recipe through repeated trial and error, and sold it at Kio University's school festival "Kio Festival" held in October 2022.It was so popular that it sold out immediately.

 "Green tea madeleine" and "Green tea vegan cookie" have been on sale since February 2 at Nara Meihinkan Nara Park Bus Terminal, Ohisama lunch in Yamatotakada City, and Nara Mahorobakan in Shimbashi, Tokyo. It will also be on sale at Kashiba City's "Fuyusai" festival on March 6th.

Reference: [Kio University] A student of the Health and Nutrition Department jointly developed a Western confectionery using Yamato tea with a pastry chef!Sold at Nara Meihinkan, Nara Mahorobakan, etc. ~Health Team Nara

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