The Edogawa University National Park Research Institute will hold an online lecture on March 2023, 3 (Saturday) on the theme of red-eared turtles and American crayfish, which have been designated as specific alien species due to the revision of the Alien Species Act.

 Due to the recent revision of the Invasive Alien Species Law, the Red-eared Slider and American Crayfish will be designated as Specified Alien Species in June.In this lecture, what should breeders do in the future?How do we proceed with the control of red-eared sliders and American crayfish in the wild?From the simple question of the breeder to the protection of living creatures and the ideal way to conserve the waterside environment, we will think with experts.

 On stage will be Mr. WoW Lemur, an environmental entertainer whose turtle talk is a hot topic in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment, Ageo City Midori Park Division Nature Restoration Project Manager, Ageo Maruyama Park's large pond, removal of alien species, and native species. Mr. Jiro Maruyama, who is working on projects such as the regeneration of biodiversity, and Mr. Keiji Obayashi, Director of the Ministry of the Environment's Alien Species Countermeasures Office, which is working on countermeasures against alien species.There, Keiji Nakajima, former director of the Wildlife Division of the Ministry of the Environment and director of the National Park Research Institute of Edogawa University, who at the time did not designate the Red-eared Slider and American Crayfish as a Specified Alien Species, joined them. While digging deep into the activities of , we will discuss future waterside environmental conservation in a dialogue format.

 The lecture will be held on Zoom for 13 hour from 14:1 to XNUMX:XNUMX.There is no membership fee.Those who wish to participate can participate by entering their email address and name from the Zoom webinar URL.

 Edogawa University National Park Research Institute, which hosts the lecture, will release materials donated by the National Park Association, as well as other universities that conduct research and education on national parks, the Ministry of the Environment, local governments, private institutions and national parks. Collaborating and collaborating with naturalists and interpreters involved, he is conducting research on national parks in Japan and around the world.In addition to supporting the learning of students with a focus on environmental studies, we are working to implement projects and events in collaboration with government officials involved in the management of national parks, volunteers, and other stakeholders.

Reference: [Edogawa University] Forum 2022 hosted by the National Park Research Institute of Edogawa University

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