Voice actor Nozomu Sasaki, who became a hot topic after graduating from the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo in March 2020, wrote about his experience of entering the University of Tokyo in his 3s by self-study, titled "Voice Actor Goes to the University of Tokyo, Self-Studying While Working." Two Years of Study Techniques That Passed” was published by KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.The entire story was written by Nozomu Sasaki himself.

 Mr. Sasaki, who is known as a voice actor for Yusuke Urameshi in "Yu Yu Hakusho" and Tetsuo in "AKIRA", has a Level 1 English proficiency test and a National Licensed Guide Interpreter.He studied by himself while working, aiming for the University of Tokyo Literature Class 2013, and passed in 2020.In XNUMX, he graduated from the Faculty of Law, the University of Tokyo, balancing his voice acting and academics while taking a break from school.

 In the newly published "Voice Actor Going to the University of Tokyo: Two Years of Study Techniques That Passed Through Self-Study While Working", he explains how he decided to take the entrance examination to the University of Tokyo, how he studied on his own while balancing work, and how he studied on his own as a member of society. He describes in detail what he learned while attending college.It can be read as a collection of know-how on how to make time and how to approach English, or as an essay about a single voice actor heading into a new environment with excitement.Also, at the end of the book, a special dialogue with Professor Emeritus Minoru Nakazato, a professor at the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law, is recorded.It talks about the significance of “learning” for adults and what kind of student Mr. Sasaki was when he was in school.

 When publishing the book, Mr. Sasaki said, ``How did I, a voice actor, decide to go to the University of Tokyo? I wrote it while looking back on the many events that have happened in my life so far.Even now, I have a strange feeling that it will be a book, but I hope you will enjoy reading it." ing.

 "Voice actor goes to the University of Tokyo Two years of self-study while working" will be released by KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. on March 2, 2023, 3 yen including tax.

Reference: [KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.] Voice actor going to the University of Tokyo Two years of study techniques that passed by self-study while working

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