Nagase Co., Ltd., which operates Toshin High School and Toshin Satellite Preparatory School, will early experience "Information I", which will be newly presented from the "University Entrance Common Test" to be implemented in 2023 on Sunday, February 2, 12. As an opportunity, the “University Entrance Common Test “Information I” Experience Mock Exam” (for new high school sophomores and new high school freshmen) was carried out.2025 students, mainly second-year high school students, took the exam.

 The questions for the university entrance common test "Information I" experiential mock exam are based on the prototype questions (published in November 2022) created by the University Entrance Examination Center. Create a question in balance.The questions covered the learning areas of "Information I" such as programming, data utilization, digital expression and design, and basic knowledge of the information society, and the average score was 11 points.

 By major question, the average score rate for programming in major question 3 was 30.8% (25 points out of 7.7 points), indicating that students struggled with questions that actually asked them to write programs.

 The prototype problem of the university entrance examination center that I used as a reference was ``Designing a circuit that displays the status of being in use only when both of the two toilets on the airplane are in use'' and ``Queues when customers randomly come to a shop A program that simulates the length of a bill, and a program that calculates the payment amount that minimizes the amount of change when shopping.In the university entrance common test "Information I" experiential practice test, question 2B was "problem to find the shortest route from the modeled railway route map of Tokyo" and question 2 was "to control a robot vacuum cleaner." Inquiry-type questions were set based on familiar things such as "problems of writing a program".

 Students who took the exam said, "I thought that there was a difference in the scores between those who were learning programming and those who weren't (new high school sophomore)." Accurate reading comprehension and Japanese language skills seem to be the keys to learning (new high school sophomore).” )” and “I was puzzled by the difficulty of the question paper formulas, but I am looking forward to studying in high school because it is a subject that I am interested in (new high school freshman)”.

Reference: [Nagase Co., Ltd.] [Japan's first] Common test for university entrance "Information I" trial test Many high school students struggle with programming problems (PDF)

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